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Click the link below, enter NC81 for Cox Field under Zip/Airport code, and enter a radius that works for you. Select an event type on the left under All Calendars or it may take a long time to load all events. 

Official Unofficial Fly-In and Aviation Events List within 150+ nm of Cox Field.

** None of this information suitable or safe for navigational or other use by pilots, equestrians, or aliens. May contain inaccuracies, and mistakes. Use only as a guide. Perform appropriate planning per regs. Verify any info from this list. Events may be cancelled/changed without notification. Not responsible for nothing. If problems, it’s Jim Wilson’s fault. Please let Burkhead know of any updates/corrections/events and we’ll get around to it. Maybe. Safe Flying. **    Last update=5-12-17

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5/12-14/17 (KTTA) CAF Fighters &; Bombers Tour, Raleigh Executive Jetport, Sanford, Buy ride in P-51 ($1595), SBD-5 Dauntless ($995), B-25 ($450); Or, just watch and LISTEN for free; Closest event to Cox except Cox.

5/13/17 (7NC1) Burgaw Fly-In/Car Show, Stag Air Park, rwys11/29 4k’ grass,122.8; 10a-4p, fuel; great lunch@ the No Whining Saloon; EAA 297; one of better attended events, lots of 1114; May be cancelled if wet: CHECK 1st. 98 mi/146 deg

5/13-20 (SC00) Joe Nall RC Event@Triple Tree, Woodruff, SC. Largest RemoteControl event in world. 7000' grass rwy w/3k reserved for models.

5/14/17(Sun) (W95) Ocracoke Is. Ch 339 $100 Hamburger Flyout; 11:30-1; Meet @ W95 by 11:30 to get ride to Howard's Pub; Watch out for MOAs, Restricted, Mil. Fighters, Sea Gulls, Bobby.  169 mi

5/20-21/17 Wings Over Wayne/Seymour Johnson AFB Open House; Goldsboro, NC; Sat/Sun; a Big Deal; close to Raleigh; be sure to leave knives etc in car/plane or gets confiscated. Check website. 57 air mi

5/20/17 EAA 1114 Spring Picnic-Cox Field/Apex; don’t miss it! Volunteer! Eat at noon. Come b4 & stay after 2 visit. Help prep or clean! Or both! Sign up. Bring a dish. Pig and drinks supplied.

5/21/17 Sunday(5J5) Holly Hill airport hosts SC Breakfast Club; great country airport; Larry Gardner of VAA3 + other assorted characters. Brkfst Clb tradition: a home cooked southern breakfast, great fellowship + flying since 1938, pilots & aviation enthusiasts in & near South Carolina meet monthly 4 breakfast. That's it. No dues, no meeting requirements. Breakfast around $6 - $10 per plate, ready about 9am & there is always plenty. Fly in or drive, belly up and talk aircraft, aviation, or anything else to your hearts content. Pilot or non-pilot, everyone is welcome. The SCBC host is certified nuts, but waaay fun. 190 mi.

5/19-21/17 (42VA) Warbirds Over the Beach, VA Beach, VA Av Museum, rwys 11/29 4845’ grass, (what freq?) closest AWOS 119.925, no night ops; Prior Permission to fly in and land REQUIRED: arrival/departure times restricted due to numerous museum aircraft flying; Gerald Yagan flies/displays many WWII planes from his museum; reasonable daily admission and camping charge - but call/email ahead; drive or fly, but call or ck web for reservations/info; Sat. night steak dinner (yep, call/pre-pay; but only (appx)$12); attended by hundreds of WWII re-enactors w/authentic gear/equipment/vehicles/weapons/tents/etc; Will actually FLY WWII planes like P51, FW190, ME109, PBY, ME262!, C46, Lancaster; expect anything. 148 nm

5/27/17 (SC37) Cross Cotillion (potluck) Fly-In Fude, Cross SC, grass rwy 9/27 2700’ NW of Monck’s CornerSC, Jim Wilson (of VAA3) puts on his best at his awesome ranch; acres of grass, for anyone who loves planes/food/fellowship, 164 mi SSW Cox

6/10/17 Mike Steele's Potluck Fly-In south of Walnut Cove, NC. grass, potluck. I can’t find this airport on AirNav or charts but have flown into it several times. (Seems it’s a N/S rwy about 1 or 2 miles south of N63 Meadow Brook Field Airport, Walnut Cove.) Long enough for Mike to successfully fly his WWII T-6 for many years. Great guy who has great friends and family. And Food! Check out RV-12 arrival video:  -About 71 mi and 298 deg fm Cox.

6/10/17 (SC00) Fabric&Tailwheel Fly-In Triple Tree, Woodruff, SC, 7000’ grass grass rwy!! Lunch. Check website 4 restrictions/etc. 192 mi.

6/10/17 (HBI) NC Aviation Museum&HallOfFame Fly-In, Asheboro 9 to 4, Hostess Karen is 1114er; great attendance by planes, pilots, cars, families; WWII Corsair roared around in ‘12; P-51, C47, T-6 came couple years ago, 54 miles.

6/17-18/17    Sentimental Journey, Lockhaven, PA; huge Cub (and other Pipers) Fly-In at old Piper factory area; Stearman (and others) join;

6/24-25/17      Dayton Air Show, OH

6/24-25/17      Latrobe, PA Air Show

6/29-7/2 (M02) Ercoupe Nat.Fly-In Dickson,TN Rwy 17/35 5k’, 122.8, AWOS 123.875, Opry, Fly2Beech Museum Sat., 417 mi, 276 deg

7/14-16/17  Geneseo Air Show and Fly-In, Greatest Show On Turf. Has about everything. Some members rate it off-the-charts.

7/24-30/17  (KOSH) EAA Airventure OSHKOSH, WI; Biggest Fly-In on Earth. 665 mi, 321 deg fm Cox.

9/6-10/17 (SC00) Fly-In Triple Tree, Woodruff, SC, 7000’ grass rwy, Must see NOTAM re arrivals as it’s like a smaller (?better) SunNFun, only it's way closer to Cox. Lots 1114 fly/drive/camp/enjoy. May be 1000 planes this year if wx right. 192 mi.

9/23/17 (N08) Farmville 28 th Fall Fly-In Flanagan Field, EAA 960; rwys3/21 grass 2500’, 122.9; 11-2 but $12 lunch starts 11:30; “arriving pilots eat free”; free plane rides; ultralights, homebuilts, antiques; VERIFY date and not cancelled; 72 mi

10/5-8/17 (KCDN) VAA3 Fall Fly-In CamdenSC Woodward Field (WWII multi-rwy) 123.0, awos 119.975, Antique planes+people, camping or motels, food, banquet, usually fly-out Friday to Timmonsville for food and more antique/vintage/classics.

10/7/17 (SFQ) VA Regional Festival of Flight 143 mi; Suffolk; big GA+UL event; incl cars/motorcycles; check for arrival procedures and other info;

Usually end April (78NC) Kennebec Fly-In/Lunch; Fuquay-Angier Airfield; rwys14/32 grass, 2780’ 122.8, about 15 mi depending on how lost you get (driving or flying!); might oughta call as they’ve changed things and may require you to bring some food: 919-639- 0806

Usually end April (IPJ) Lincolnton Free Pancake Fly-In Iron Station, NC; 131 mi; contact Kristin Millerstrom 704-735- 0602

Usually End April Young Eagles (YE) at Wilson Industrial Air Center (W03) 53 mi, 10a-2pm; Contact James Smith, 252-206- 6411

Used2b end April (MRN) Morganton Fly-In, Foothills Regional, EAA 731; 154 mi; Contact Brent Brinkley 828-757- 0099

May maybe (05N) Winterville Spring Fly-In/Lunch, South Oaks Aerodrome EAA 1423, rwys 7/25 1850’ grass 122.8, nice friendly group; infestation by 1114ers likely, 84 mi

Used to be June (this is from years back; not current) (N52) JAARS Open House Fly-In WaxhawNC 107 nm; rwys 4/22 asphalt 3300’, elev 602’, 123.0; 9a-4pm; among other things, JAARS uses STOL aircraft to provide Christian influence/education in places like Africa; this airport is their HQ; Arrive early to avoid flying demos; contact Ann Rogers 704-843- 6130; 06-08

June (from years back; not current) Beaufort NC Fly-In Pig Pickin (MRH, Smith Field); EAA 1523; Free food; Free xport to Beaufort waterfront; new Boat+AC displays; music; discount fuel; Contact 252-728- 2323, or Jerald Gartman 252-247- 2575,

Also in fall, Bill Hood Fly-In and Chili Fest; 66NC grass rwys 10/28, Near Dover and SW of Kinston; huge country shindig; potluck. 76mi, 117 deg fm Cox

If you hear when Ball/LouisburgNC is having theirs let us know. It's close and another great one for families, and yahoos. Bluegrass, camping, food, YE.

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