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Denny Mercer  1931 - 2012

  • Co-founder & long-time President & Newsletter Editor of EAA1114
  • Co-founder of IAC19
  • Started flying while still in high school from famed College Park airport in Maryland. As a teenager, rented new Ercoupes aircraft directly at the Erco factory from Ercoupe designer Fred Weick.
  • Father was an ordained minister employed by the Martin Aircraft Company in Baltimore, MD.
  • Served in US Air Force where he was involved in early testing of aerial refueling aircraft in US and UK.
  • Young Eagle pilot - 22 official flights, countless other first flights for children of all ages
  • Aircraft owned: Bonanzas (3), Maule, RV-4s (2), Taylorcraft, Ercoupe, Piper J-3, Extra 300L, RV-7, DR-107 (2)
  • Former amateur boxer, private detective, home builder, successful business owner in construction industry. Accomplished artist (studied art in college) and photographer.
  • Accomplished woodworker, gifted speaker & aviation writer, tireless advocate for sport aviation, a friend to all who knew him, especially his dogs, Mitzi and Liza.

Denny Mercer put the heart and soul into EAA Chapter 1114, creating a large, extended family of aviators in central North Carolina that will last for many years to come.

CAVU on your westward journey, good friend.


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