Chapter 1114

Young Eagles Rep -- Bob Cassell

Our YE Rep is Bob Cassell. He can be contacted at


2016 events

There may be additional events listed on the Calendar page.

Remember, we do not have to have a full blown rally to fly Young Eagles. There are forms in the Bull Shack if you need them, and there are plenty in the YE trailer.  So if you find a young person that wants to go take them up.  Give the paperwork to Sandy or Jim, or you can mail it in yourself. 

4/30/16  10-3pm, food@12  CFAA (Cape Fear Aero Assoc) Grays Creek (S of Fay) YE, Spring Fly-In

5/7/16  10-2  KSOP Moore Cy Airport Southern Pines_YE Rally; fill your plane upon arrival and they’ll fill it when you leave; Scouts serve lunch; Jim Murray and troops will take care of you, and the kids; rain date 5/8; 40 nm, 220 degrees   


5/14/16  9-11am  KHKY  Hickory YE Rally

6/11/16  9-11am  KHKY  Hickory YE Rally



Siler City on the 4th of October -- this turned out to be a great event. Thanks to those who were able to volunteer and otherwise participate!

October 11th we have about 50 scouts that want to fly at Johnson County hoping we can get a couple of pilots from there to help as well.

Saturday October 25th is the reschedule for Rocky Mount.  The Wilson chapter will have some folks available on that day, and they will also be providing the food court.

Hope we do not have to cancel any of these, look forward to seeing you there if possible. 


If you would like to participate please contact Jim Dukeman.

Report from JNX, Nov 2nd 2013

I am sure, like most of you, that today really surprised me.  They finally got a forecast right.  I checked the weather at 630 and 7am this morning, and JNX was 900 overcast, but by 830am it lifted to some hi thin clouds with visibility unlimited, and turned out to be a beautiful day for flying Young Eagles.

We had a couple of new folks help us today and they will be back they had a great time. Marvin Jackson, he is Barrett Johnson's supervisor, Barrett kept talking about flying kids, and Marvin just had to come out to see what it was all about.  He was a great help on ground support today. And I am sure he will be back.

James Coffee, he is a friend of David Williams, and a PILOT.  This was his first rally and he too said he would be back, we welcome both of these gentlemen and really appreciate their help today.

Tammy Hutto                 Certificates
Terry Ross                     Log Books
Dennis Mack Jr             Dispatch and main organizer of the rally today.
Derek Huseboe             Dispatch
James Coffee                Dispatch
Dennis Mack Sr             Ramp Escort
Marvin Jackson             Ramp Escort
Sandy Dukeman            Food Court
Kristen Dukeman           Food Court
James Patterson            Registration
Mishelle Devereaux       Registration

Barrett Johnson                      29
David Williams                        12
James Coffee                           7
Debbie Dukeman                    14
Don Poitras                             12
Jim Dukeman                          16

For a total sum of 90. Not a bad day at all with 4 airplanes and 6 pilots, as a matter of fact it was PERFECT.
Thanks to everyone for a job well done,  Don't forget to set your clocks back tonight. :>)


Report from Oxford/Henderson, Oct 26, 2013

We started with something new this time.   COLD WEATHER.  As a result we started flying about 1045AM and things got a little better when it warmed up a bit.  My airplane was the only one that had to be jumped to get started.  Barrett Johnson flew the 180 and when he hit the starter it would not even turn over.  But did fine with a booster on it.

It did warm up considerably during the day, and then the wind picked up.  But it was right down the runway on 24, and things went find. The kids had a great time, and the few I flew were impressed with the explanation of wind, and warm and cold air causing some of the bumps that we had.  Nothing serious but enough to make it fun and interesting.

I learned an interesting fact that I did not know.  David Wiliams and I were talking to Stanley Brothers, Stanley is now retired but still comes to the YE day.  He has been with SEMA for a long time, we were trying to remember when we started flying the kids.  It seams that our own David Williams flew the first SEMA kids in 1998. It was right after he got his private, and if I had been told that before I had forgotten it.  Thanks to David for taking the initiative and making that first flight for them that got us involved and we have not missed a year yet.  Well maybe one, I remember when David was Coordinator one year that every date he tried to fly them it rained, snowed or was too cold to even try. But I only remember that for one year, we made it the rest of them.

We had a great crew this year, and flew 58 kids.   All but 12 counted but can guarentee that all had a great time.  We even got to fly a couple of teachers and a Principal this time.  That was exciting as well.  Now a couple of the staff can relate FIRST HAND the experience of flight.  What a day it was.  We had a couple of new folks this time,  Mr LeRoy Walker, and was glad to see Phil Harding again. Thanks guys, and hope to see more of both of you. Even our youngest grandson got in the act.  His cousin Kristen usually takes the job of RUNNER, getting paperwork from the dispatcher to the certificate table. This time 6 year old Blake did a wonderful job, and stayed with it all day.

The crew for the 26th of October were:

SANDY DUKEMAN                 Dispatch and coordinating
BLAKE DUKEMAN                  Runner
TAMMY HUTTO and LeROY WALKER      Certificates
JIM PATTERSON  PHIL HARDING  Registration / Filled out log books
JIM DUKEMAN                       Filled out log books and actually got to fly a couple of kids

I think we have found a new position for a volunteer.  Once the Certificate is printed, it is placed on a clip board with the certificate and the log book.   It sure saves a lot of time and work for the pilots if a volunteer fills out the log book and all the pilot has to do is sign it.  Thanks to Jim and Phil for doing this, it worked out great.   I started it after I flew my first group, and noticed that it took some time to fill it all out.  So I took a couple and started filling them out for the other pilots, then Jim and Phil stepped in and helped and things went a lot faster for all of us.


BARRETT JOHNSON      PA28-180                  12    10 counted
BOB EPTING                    PARO                       12    12 counted
JIM DUKEMAN                  PA28-180                   5      4 counted
DAVID WILLIAMS               PA28-140                 15    11 counted
JAN SQUILLAGE                DA-10                        6      6 counted
SLEDD THOMAS               WARRIOR                 5       4 counted
RICHARD WHITE                PA28-140                 5       4 counted

Thanks to all of you for making the day special, safe, and fun.  We touched a lot of lives today, and gave the parents something positive to talk about with the airport.

Report from YE Rally Rocky Mount, Sept 28, 2013

What a pretty day to fly, we got a good turn out, and flew 108 kids Saturday.  Its been a long day so I will bypass the particulars, but here are the details. :>)

Jim Patterson
Derek Hesboe

Sandy Dukeman
Derek Hesboe

Tammy Hutto

Evan Hesboe

Rocky Mound Cap Cadets

Don Cleveland        C182                     08
Jamie Smith             PA18                    05
Jim Dukeman           PA28                    15
John Slater          Thomhawk                08
Gary Hodges            PA28                    27
Debbie Dukeman      PA28                    08
Robert Schellenburg  PA28                   30
Jeff Dukeman             PA28                   07

I have to brag on the CAP Cadets, I cannot remember all their names or I would print them here.  There were 6 Cadets, we did not have enough volunteers to man everything, so I ask the Cadets if they would escort the parents on and off the ramp so they could take pictures of the kids in the airplane.  They did an outstanding job. And each and every one of them that were able to stay after the rally was over got some front seat time in a PA28.  They were happy and we were too, they were a big help and provided a safe environment for us to operate in.

The next scheduled rally will be on October the 26th at the Henderson Oxford airport.  I have been asked if we could do one at Johnson County on the 2nd of November.  This will be an open rally, who is willing  and or able to fly that day.   If we get enough pilots I will tell them that we will make it providing the weather is good.

Thanks again for all your support and flights.  We have really turned some kids around this year, and educated the parents on the importance of an airport in their community.  I hope all of you have had the opportunity to fly at least once in the last couple of weeks.  The weather has been outstanding, we will probably pay for it later, but I, for one, am making the best of it that I can.

See ya Oct 26th.
-- Jim Dukeman

Report from YE Rally Johnson County 21 Sept

Been a busy month, and thanks to all that participated.   A special thanks to Jeff Dukeman and the crew on the 21st of Sept.  Sandy and I had to leave town and go to Illinois on some urgent family business.  At the last minute Jeff took over running the successful rally at Johnson County.  This was a closed rally but they flew a total of 35 Young Eagles that day.

Ground Crew on the 21st of Sept at Johnson County.

Derek Husboe
Evan Husboe

LeRoy Walker
Jim Patterson

Carlos Lopez
Jeff Dukeman

Kriston Dukeman

Debby Dukeman               10
Barrett Johnson                 13
Don  Poitras                         9
Charlie West                        3

Weather was marginal all around but a good 2500 plus at Johnson County on the 21, Thanks again for all that made this possible today.  Great job.

Next rally is Oxford Henderson on the 26th of October. Hope to see you there.

Report from YE Rally at Siler City, July 13, 2013

Many thanks to all that braved the weather and made this exciting day happen.  We had a great time though turnout was low due to the weather. We did not get started flying till about 1130 and were done by 3. Started off with low IFR and it looked like all day we were going to get hit with a big rain shower.  But they came to about highway 421 and just stopped. We finally got ceilings up to 1700 feet at Siler City, and with 3 airplanes flew 35 Young Eagles.

The low turn out was due to weather as well, a lot of folks did not want to get out in the rain. None of the show cars that were supposed to come showed up at all. We did have the Sheriff's department, and the Hot Dog stand show, so we ate good, and had Ice Cream as well. The Forrest Department had their 182 there, but the helicopters did not make it.

Our ground support team worked hard, and did a great job as well. They were:

Karen McCraw                  Set Up
Dave Morrison                   Set up and take down
Jim Patterson                    Certificates  (hand wrote every one)
Sandy Dukeman                Registration
Konrad Schoen                 Dispatch
Jim Dukeman                     Ramp Safety
Konrad Cartman                Ramp Safety  (Konrad is the Nephew of Konrad Schoen, and he just got back from the Air Academy.  He had a great time, and wants to work hard with us to go back again next year)

We were glad to see Konrad Cartman. The ramp was rather confusing, we loaded and unloaded kids on the north east side of the ramp, had hot dogs and ice cream on the west side in front of the terminal building and the Forestry Department was in the middle.  Folks all over the place on the ramp. So Konrad and I had the job of making sure that the planes had a clear path to taxi in and out of the area.  Things worked great thanks to his help, he did a great job.

YE totals
Don Poitras                 Be23   16
Ed Liles                       C172     8
Wayne Andrews         Sonix      8

-- Jim Dukeman

Young Eagles Rallies 2012

Date               Location                                                     Special Notes

April 28th        W03 - Wilson Industrial Airport, Wilson, NC

June 30th        HBI - Asheboro Regional Airport, Asheboro, NC

July 14th         5W8 - Siler City Municipal Airport, Siler City, NC

Sept. 22nd       RWI - Rocky Mount-Wilson Regional Airport, Rocky Mount, NC

Nov 10th          HNZ - Henderson-Oxford Airport, Oxford, NC   SEMAA Program

For information on chapter rallies, please contact EAA1114 YE Coordinator, David Williams.

Other chapters needing assistance with their own YE programs are asked to contact Young Eagle Field Representatives, Jim & Sandy Dukeman.


Report from Rocky Mount, 9/22/2012

Last Saturday at RWI we enjoyed wonderful weather and temperature for flying.  We managed to fly 109 Young Eagles.  With so many folks flying and helping out it felt like a family gathering.  There was a forecast for some wind but I don’t think it ever got as strong a predicted and what we did have matched the runway heading. 

Thanks to everyone who came and created a great event for a lot of folks.  I met one family who had been waiting for 2 years to get a ride because they were one of many that I sent home several years ago when we had bad weather run us out. 

The folks from the Civil Air Patrol were wonderful, as usual, to work with.  As far as I know they all got airplane rides as well.  Thanks very much for all you did.

Thanks to Hans Hess for letting us invade the airport for the day.

Steve Bonn                                     pilot for 12 Young Eagles

Jim Brantley                                    RWI Airport

Corbi Bulluck                                   pilot for 19 Young Eagles

Civil Air Patrol                                  parent herding, setup and teardown

Chip Davis                                       pilot for 19 Young Eagles

Jeff Dukeman                                   pilot for 8 Young Eagles

Kristen Dukeman                              certificates

Sandy Dukeman                               certificates

Dick Fisher                                       special ice delivery

Phil Hartig                                         registration

Hans Hess                                        RWI Airport (THANKS FOR HAVING US HANS!)

Garry Hodges                                    pilot for 16 Young Eagles

Tammy Hutto                                     certificates

Jim Patterson                                     registration

Ron Rader                                          registration

Robert Schellenberg                            pilot for 9 Young Eagles

Konrad Schoen                                   dispatch

Conrad Hartmann                                dispatch 

John Slatner                                       pilot for 7 Young Eagles

Jamie Smith                                        pilot for 7 Young Eagles

Christina Williams                                certificates

David Williams                                     pilot for 9 Young Eagles

Jonathon Williams                                certificates

Linda Williams                                     registration

Wilson EAA Chapter                            lunch (THANKS!)

Our next (and last) Young Eagle event is November 10th at HNZ.

Until then please remember to go to JNX on the 29th and help out with their Young Eagle rally any way you can.  I will be there.

David Williams

Report From Henderson/Oxford, 11

After a number of rain outs we were able to complete the Young Eagle event for SEMAA in Henderson.  Finally a great day and a very good turnout for the flying.  We were able to fly 60 Young Eagles in a beautiful blue sky.  Thanks to Stanley Brothers and his crew who fed all of us.  It was very nice and a fitting end to 2012 Young Eagles.

This year we flew about 305 Young Eagles.  Not as many as some previous years but we also had fewer events scheduled and 2 cancelled.  I’m proud of our effort and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Jeff Dukeman                    pilot for 10 Young Eagles

Phil Hartig                         dispatcher

Conrad Hartmann               paperwork runner

Chris McClure                    pilot for 8 Young Eagles

Ron Rader                          registrations

Konrad Schoen                   registrations

Sled Thomas                      pilot for 13 Young Eagles

David Williams                   pilot for 29 Young Eagles

Robert Williams                certificates

 - David Williams

Report From - Siler City Airport, 7/14/2012

Last Saturday we held a successful Young Eagle rally at Siler City and provided 82 kids with airplane rides.  Must thank Karen for providing the attendees and the airport and organizing the lunch truck and generally getting everything ready.  Here’s out list of volunteers for the day.  Glad everyone could be there on a warm (hot) day and be a part of it all.  Our next Young Eagle rally is August 11th at HNZ (Henderson Oxford) to fly kids from the SEMAA group.  We tried to fly them a total of 3 times last year and were rained out each time.  See you there.

Wayne Andrews              pilot for 9 Young Eagles

Charlie Davis                   pilot for 26 Young Eagles

Jeff Dukeman                  pilot for 9 Young Eagles

Debbie Dukeman             pilot for 3 Young Eagles

Jim Dukeman                  drove the truck and got all the supplies to where they needed to be

Sandy Dukeman              dispatch

Bob Epting                      pilot for 15 Young Eagles

Dick Parr                         pilot for 12 Young Eagles

Ron Rader                       registration

Konrad Schoen                dispatch

Peter Van Schalkwyk       pilot for 2 Young Eagles

David Williams                 pilot for 6 Young Eagles (one of which was number 1,000)

Karen Davis and Terry Ross worked all day in ground support at the Young Eagle rally at 5W8.  I am very grateful for the work they did to help make the event successful.

David Williams


Report From - Wilson Industrial Airport, 4/28/2012

I finally was able to put a few uninterrupted hours together to prepare the Young Eagle pilot totals for W03 on the 28th of April.  Here’s the results.

William Ballard                   2 Young Eagles

Jeff Dukeman                    15 Young Eagles

Gary Hodges                      9 Young Eagles

Guilford Mooring                 3 Young Eagles

Wayne Sawyer                  5 Young Eagles

John Slatner                      3 Young Eagles

Jamie Smith                      13 Young Eagles

Craig Wilkins                      4 Young Eagles

 This is a total of 54.  I had originally counted 55 Young Eagles but 1 decided not to fly.

- David Williams


2011 Summary Report from David Williams, YE Coordinator

We scheduled a total of 9 Young Eagle events in 2011 and because of rain 1 was cancelled (HNZ twice).  It was a  good year with 805 kids getting rides with us.  We held events at W03, TTA, 5W8, HNZ, RWI, HBI and GWW.  We met with just folks, military groups and the scouts.  There were dozens of volunteers from around the state both in our chapter and not who came together to make it all happen.  A total of 17 people helped out in ground support  and 41 provided airplane rides for the kids with most of those attending multiple events.

The schedule for next year has not been determined nor has the format of the events.  That is in progress.

David Williams


Report From - Goldsboro Rally, November 5th, 2011

For our final Young Eagle rally of 2011 we had some wind but certainly not as bad as some other locations and it was mostly down the runway.  Everything else was perfect and we ended up flying 63 kids at GWW during Wings.  There was a temporary tower there all day but it was mostly all for us because NO ONE took part in the Top Gun pilot competition and only 1 person took advantage of the Wings Flight review.  Why not I don’t know.  I remember the days when there were hundreds of people at Wings.  Oh well…I digress from the topic.  For us everything went very smoothly and I thank the airport for their hospitality.

Volunteers List:

Jeff Dukeman                    pilot for 13 Young Eagles

Jim Dukeman                    pilot for 12 Young Eagles and trailer towing

Sandy Dukeman                dispatch

Bob Epting                        pilot for 8 Young Eagles

Dick Fisher                       advertising

Tammy Hutto                    certificates

Ron Rader                        registration

Terry Ross                        registration and assistance of all kinds

Wayne Sawyer                 pilot for 10 Young Eagles

Konrad Schoen                 ground school

Tom Slater                        ground school

Jan Squillace                     pilot for 5 Young Eagles

Ken Menzie                        pilot for 14 Young Eagles

Kirk Wanner                       pilot for 1 Young Eagle

David Williams                   general wandering about

There had been some discussion of having a make-up event for the rained out SEMAA kids at HNZ but they have decided to wait till next year.

So we are done for 2011.  I think we ended up with a total of 637 kids with Young Eagle rides this year. Thanks to all and I may see you all again next year.

Report From - Rocky Mount Rally, October 1st, 2011

Last Saturday we held a Young Eagle rally in Rocky Mount on a day with beautiful blue skies and a bit of a wind but it never became bad and tapered off as the day went by.  Over the last 3 attempts to hold a rally at Rocky Mount this is the first to completely succeed.  We have been hit with lousy weather there the 2 previous years.  So that’s the good news.  The bad news is that we were represented by a single pilot, Jeff Dukeman and then soon later by Garry Hodges from Chapter 1047.  The two of them alone flew 85 kids by 3pm.  I hope that with a club the size of Chapter 1114 we can have a better turnout for our final event on November 5 at Goldsboro (GWW).

Hans Hess provided a ground school for a group of 16 scouts at 9am prior to the start of the flying.  Thanks for all your help with that Hans!

Food was provided by the members of Chapter 1047.  It was free to all volunteers.  Thanks!

Our volunteers for last Saturday were:

Jeff Dukeman    pilot with 52 Young Eagles

Dick Fisher          advertising

Phillip Hartig       registration

Hans Hess           airport manager & host & ground school instructor

Garry Hodges    pilot with 33 Young Eagles

Tammy Hutto    certificates

Jim Patterson    registration

David Williams   dispatch

Chapter 1047     lunch

This coming weekend, October 8th , Charlie Davis is leading a Young Eagle event at the Raleigh Executive Jetport at Sanford (TTA).  I believe that one starts at 9am and ends at 4pm.  Please help him out there if you can.  I will be there at least from 1-4.

David Williams


Report From - Asheboro Rally, September 10th, 2011

Last Saturday we held a successful Young Eagle rally at the Asheboro airport and the NC Aviation Museum.  Many thanks to Amy Byrd for supplying us with 2 tents, tables and chairs so we didn’t have to bring any.  She also managed to get us the first day I have spent at a YE event in Asheboro when it wasn’t broiling hot.  So thanks for that too.

We registered a total of 74 Young Eagles for the day.  I know we could get more if I could manage to get the word out properly.  It’s getting harder to figure out the right advertising method.  We used the paper, radio, EAA calendar and the NCAM calendar of events but I know that many folks don’t use those methods anymore.  With so many news sources on the Internet I really don’t know what to go after. 

Here’s our list of volunteers for the day!  It was nice to have Chip and Keith back again!

Chip Davis - 27 Young Eagles

Jeff Dukeman - 21 Young Eagles

Kristen Dukeman - certificates

Phillip Hartig -  registration

Micahlynn Hess - certificates

Tammy Hutto - certificates

Ken Menzie -  4 Young Eagles

Jim Patterson - registration

Ron Rader - registration

Thomas Slater - 9 Young Eagles

Keith Taylor - 13 Young Eagles

Our next Young Eagle event is the makeup date for the SEMAA kids on September 24th at HNZ. 

The very next Saturday, October 1 will be Rocky Mount, RWI.

Hope to see everyone there.

David Williams


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