Chapter 1114

Board of Directors and Volunteers meeting

The Board of Directors of EAA Chapter 1114 meet periodically, together with the Chapter's Volunteers. The meetings begin with the open session, and all Chapter members are invited. Meetings may complete with a closed/deliberative session with just the Board, if needed.

Meetings are held at Cox Field at 6pm unless otherwise indicated. These are the currently-scheduled meetings for 2020:

  • done - Thurs, Jan 9, 2020
  • Thurs, March 12, 2020
  • Thurs, May 14, 2020
  • Thurs, July 9, 2020
  • Thurs, Sept 10, 2020
  • Thurs, Nov 12, 2020

National EAA Events Search

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Chapter calendar

Warning: No information provided here is deemed adequate for navigation or flight planning. You must verify information is accurate, up to date, and get you own flight plan briefing!

Note: If you are a google user, you can add our Chapter calendar to your google calendar. On your google calendar page, on the left margin, under "Other calendars", click the plus sign and select "Subscribe to calendar". Enter "" in the box and hit enter, then follow the prompts. Select a color that allows the entries stand out. Our Chapter calendar will then show up under your "other calendars" and our events will show up merged into your calendar view. You can unsubscribe at any time. Just that simple. Just that easy!

2019/2020 Meeting Presentations Planning

These are topics and presentations being considered for meeting presentations for the year. If you have comments or suggested topics please let us know, email

  • done, February    Commercial Drone Operations by member Joshua Bailey, and Mauricio Castro,
  • done, March        Tom and Janet Malechuk, Guardian Aviation Story
  • done, April           Susan Dusenbury, Freight Pilot, President, EAA Vintage A/C presents  Breaking Through The Clouds: The First Women's National Air Derby
  • done, May            Annual Chapter picnic, drone demos
  • done, June           The Bandit Flying Team, Inside-Out Operations For A Mission
  • done, July             Survey of current state of the electric aircraft industry
  • done, August         Re-building a Citabria
  • done, September EVation
  • done, October       Oshkosh AirVenture
  • done, November Fred Harley - ditching a P2V sub hunter
  • done, December, Cecil Boyd, Sport Aerobatics
  • done, January, annual holiday potluck meeting and awards ceremony
  • Februray, Billy Payne of Just Aircraft
  • March,
  • April,
  • May, Annual Chapter picnic at Cox Aerodrome
  • June,
  • July,
  • August,
  • Sept,
  • Oct,
  • Nov,
  • Dev,

Possible topics, what would you like to see?
->Kit Manufacturer Day, Just, Van's, Zenith?
->Two or more of our Members building aircraft presentations
->Fabricating, riveting, engine choice and installation, painting techniques specialists  
->EAA Vintage Aircraft
->American St. Nick 75th Anniversary Edition, Author, Peter Lion, Seven Time Emmy winning Producer/Director
->Flying the F-86
->Operation Fly North Carolina,
->Aviation Family Fund of Apex, 

2020 Fly/Drive-Outs planning

These are possible destinations/events for the year - to be determined. If any of these interest you, let the organizers know and ask how you can help with the event!
  • Smith Mountain Lake / Lake Norman / Seaplanes, led by Claude Burkhead with assistance from Steele Scott and Luke Ingerman
  • Fighter Factory / Military Aviation Museum, led by Konrad Schoen
  • South Carolina Breakfast Club, led by Ted Cannaday

2019 Fly/Drive-Outs planning, dates/details

These are possible destinations/events for the year - to be determined. If any of these interest you, let the organizers know and ask how you can help with the event!

  • Done - March 23, 2019 - IOMAX Aviation, factory/hangar tour
  • Done - Aug 24 2019 - Pik'n'Pig, arrive at BQ1 at 11am, led by Mike and Martha McCann
  • Done - Project Tour & Poker Run & BBQ, led by Brad Ballard with assistance from Luke Ingerman

2018 Fly/Drive-Outs for EAA 1114

These were the Fly/Drive-outs for the year. We had great participation, thanks!

Thanks for making this a great event1! #1  February 24:  Tour Carolinas Aviation Museum at Charlotte Douglas
Meet at Cox at 9:15am to carpool, Leave Cox 9:30am, return by 7:00pm.  Rental Van or Fly.  Admission Adults $12, Students $8, Senior $10, Veterans $9. 

Thanks for making this a great event1! #2  June 2:  See DC-3 restoration at NC Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC.  Also tour Museum (trains!  cars!).  Perhaps "adopt a component" to restore.  Depart Cox 8:30am, return by 5:00pm.  Fly or personal automobile.  Admission $6, optional train ride $6.
Click here to sign up.

Thanks for making this a great event1! #3  September 29:  Project Visit & Poker Run.  Depart Cox in morning, return late afternoon.  This is a driving-only event. 

#4  Event-in-reserve:  Mass Fly-Out to Pik-n-Pig

#5  Non-EAA 1114 Event discussed this morning:  Zhengzhou Airshow, April 27-May1.  Contact Dave Kerr if interested.


Official Unofficial Fly-In/Aviation Events within 200nm of Cox Field cib3_9-14-17 2h

** None of this information suitable or safe for navigational or other use by pilots, equestrians, or aliens. May contain inaccuracies, and mistakes. Use only as a guide. Perform appropriate planning per regs. Verify any info from this list before travel. Events may be cancelled/changed without notification. Not responsible for nothing. If problems, it’s Don Koch’s fault. Please let Burkhead know of any updates/corrections or events not listed and we’ll do our best to address it. Safe Flying. **                           Last update=9-14-17

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If you hear when Ball/LouisburgNC is having theirs let us know. It's close and a great one for families. And yahoos. Bluegrass, camping, food, YE.

Also in fall (Nov) Bill Hood Fly-In Chili Fest; 66NC grass rwys 10/28, Near Dover, SW of Kinston; huge country shindig; potluck. 76mi, 117 deg fm Cox

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